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Pitbull attacks owner's friend on camera (video)

A very disturbing video, showing a dog attacking a man has been shared online.

In the video, a Pitbull is seen holding firmly onto a man's pants and refusing to let him go.

The man who obviously was visiting his friend (the owner of the Putbull) was heard pleading with the owner of the dog to help get the dog off him. The owner eventually persuaded the highly aggressive dog named Shiver, to release his friend's pants, and it finally let go.

Pitbulls are generally very aggressive. Last week, a 5-year-old was bitten and rough-handled by a pitbull in Contra Costa County.
Fortunately, she was wearing a protective winter coat which helped prevent the dog from inflicting much injury on her.

In Nigeria, several kids have reportedly been mauled by dogs. In 2017, a Facebook user Taiwo Craig narrated how a dog nearly killed a 5-year-old girl in Ikorodu area of Lagos State. Craig had written:

The cruelty of a nonchalant landlord led to the disastrous injury to a 5-year-old girl. In so much pain and hardship for that her young age, it is hard to see all the pain she is going through as a waste because of the landlord's excessive buying of dogs. He has over 15 dogs in his house which have being mismanaged, underfed and caged for a very long time. Only for one of the dog to burst out and attack a young, 5-year innocent girl, with so many scars that will live with the girl forever.The power of landlord makes him feel like he has overall right without taking his tenants into consideration. This man has over 15 dogs in his house even when complaints have been made repeatedly by the tenants with no justifiable reasons given by him. The child is currently going through severe pains from the brutal attack from the landlord's dog.

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