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Nollywood actor Moses Armstrong's wife Rita, dies in an auto crash

Nollywood actor Moses Armstrong is in mourning. The actor and politician has lost his wife Rita Armstrong to the cold hands of death.
Rita Armstrong died in an auto crash on Benin-Ore road while traveling in an Akwa Ibom Transport Company (AKTC) bus to Uyo. She was in company of her daughetr at the time of the accident.

A source close to the family told Emem Etto's Blog that, Rita who resides in Lagos, was traveling with her daughter Timaro Armstrong to Uyo to meet her husband yesterday, February 2, 2018, when a trailer ran into the AKTC bus they were traveling in.
The mother reportedly jumped on her daughter to protect her from the impact and ended up suffering a broken spinal cord. She was rushed to a hospital and died this morning. The little girl is alive but is hospitalised with a dislocated arm.

The family lost their newborn son shortly after birth last year. They need your prayers at this time.

May her gentle soul rest in the bosom of the Lord!

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