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Nigerian man commits suicide in Germany after his girlfriend allegedly dumped him

A 35-year-old Nigerian man identified as Francis Ibegbulem, has been laid to rest, after he committed suicide in Altenstadt Bayern, Germany.
According to reports, Ibegbulem, from Imo State, lost his mind after his girlfriend, based in Nigeria dumped him for someone else. He initially attempted to kill himself with a knife, but was rescued by friends. He later escaped to the forest to hang himself. 
His friends found out about his suicide after his corpse was discovered in a nearby forest, days after he went missing.

However, some of his friends allege he had hallucinations about being chased by spirits and would often soliloquise, an act which made him lose his job. 
A friend of the deceased who was interviewed said:
We made so much effort to rescue Francis when it was obvious he was losing his mind. Everyone was aware of the lady he was dating before he left Nigeria and news spread to us here that she got married last year. Since then Francis has not been the same”

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