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Man sentenced to seven years in maximum prison for calling his ex-wife bi*tch on social media

A man who couldn't stop using derogatory words to address his wife has been made to pay a hefty price. A 44-year-old fitness guru named Jordan Branford, is set to cool off his heels in jail just for slandering his ex-wife Salma Ismail publicly.

Branford, the founder of Body Challenge has been ordered by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to pay a heavy fine of $68, 000 just for referring to his ex-wife as 'bitch' on Instagram.

Branford had gone on an Instagram rant one morning. In the now deleted post, Jordan said:
So I woke up today and heard the hitch made another case.

Ismail snitched on him after his rant. She reported him to the authorities after seeing the derogatory word on Instagram.

Although Branford didn't outrightly mention her name in the rant, it was obvious from the tone of his message that he was referring to her. And since Dubai where he presently resides have a strict policy on social behaviour, Jordan was swiftly arrested and  ordered to pay a fine of 250, 000 Dirham ($68, 000) or serve a seven year sentence in a maximum prison, and be deported after his jail term.

Brandon, a US citizen moved from Oregon to UAE in 2008 and was doing well in his career until he had marital troubles, then he had to pay a lot for his legal fees. His passport has been seized by the authorities pending when he pays his fine or submits himself to serve his jail term.

Very expensive rant if you ask us.

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