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Man caught his wife cheating, his wife and her boyfriend beat him so badly and broke his skull

A man who caught his wife cheating ended up receiving the beatings of his life by his wife's lover. The man identified only as Jerry was driving by, when he sighted his wife coming out of a brothel with a man suspected to be her boyfriend .

The incident reportedly happened in Amigo Street, Owerri, Imo State.

Reports say, Jerry on spotting his wife, alighted from his car and started beating her. Her boyfriend identified as Okey, stepped up to his girl's defence and sh*t got serious.

He beat the the violent husband so badly then hit his with a club cracking his skull. It took the intervention of the hotel owner and commercial sex workers at the vicinity to quell the fight.

The husband, when asked what the issue was, narrated that they had a fight at home on Sunday, after which his wife left home. He said:
I had an issue with my wife, which started late Saturday night.
“She asked me for money to buy a dress, which I did not have. I told her to calm down and that the remaining school fees of our children had to be first settled.
“She did not agree, but rather started nagging. Little did I know that she was planning to move out.
“I called her number several times, but it was switched off. I was only driving past the area when I saw my wife with another man in such an unholy place.
“I got to meet this Okey for the first time today, as I had always heard my wife conversing with him on phone. When I queried her, she said he was her business partner.” 
The woman on the other hand said she regrets marrying him. She said he hardly supports her, and gives unreasonable excuses every time she makes a request.

Since I married him, he has never supported me in anything.
“He does not take good care of me. Each time I raised issues about my needs, he told me to wait. In fact, I am tired of the marriage.”

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