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Man attempts suicide on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge after he was told the toll fee had been increased

On February 1, 2018 the Lagos State Government announced an increment of toll gate charges in the Lekki-Ikoyi and Lekki-VI axis.

Motorists have complained the further hardship that has plunged residents and visitors to that area into. A Facebook user took to the social media platform to narrate his experience yesterday. 

He said, a man frustrated by the many sufferings, attempted suicide on the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge after he was told there was an increase in the toll tariff. He wrote:

Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge.
They increased the toll fees from N250 to N300 for salon cars and N300 to N400 for SUVs.
No movement.
Motorists complaining.
I came out of my Taxify and walked to the toll gates.
Others were doing same.
I got to a crowd already around the booth.
They were raining curses on the uniformed attendants, the state government and the federal government.
A man abandoned his car at the toll gate, took off his shirt and walked to the edge of the bridge shouting...
"I can't take it again!"
Over and over and over.
He climbed the hedge.
Two joggers grabbed him.
He began to wail in anguish.
People congregated around him.
All consoled him as he kept wailing.
"Let me die! Let me leave this life for them!"
Cars are honking.
Some staff of the company that collects the toll walked up to the crowd and spoke to man.
"Oya, come and pass. You don't have to pay."
He kept crying.
One of the spectators calls out to him.
"Oga dem say it have do. Come carry your car make we no die for go slow."
His wailing subsided.
He relaxed his feeble struggles.
And was led to his car.
He entered into it and drove off.
One of the staff started walking down the rows of cars that were liniing up bumper to bumper waiting their turn.
He was shouting on top of his voice.
"We are going to open the gate for the next ten minutes for you all to pass for free. Please tomorrow if you say the toll is too expensive and because of that you want to kill yourself. We are begging you o. Please kill yourself at home so that you won"t come here and block traffic..."
We all ran to our cars.
People shouting excitedly "Ope o!"

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