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Lilian Esoro wishes estranged husband Ubi Franklin a Happy Birthday... but it is quite confusing

Ubi Franklin is a year older today. The music exec who is currently in Dubai celebrating his birthday received a birthday wish from an unlikely source today. His ex wife.

Lilian Esoro took to her Insta story to wish her husband (yes husband... they are still legally married) a Happy Birthday despite their breakup.
"Happy birthday a guy. More blessings", she wrote.  
We've been trying to understand the birthday message. It is simple but confusing.

Ubi had taken to Instagram earlier, to write a story about the last one year. He revealed, it was the most challenging yet rewarding years of his life because 'matters of the heart can't be forced'.

"I’m Very Grateful to God Almighty for everything He has done for me in the 32 years of my life", He started.
Last year was the most challenging and yet rewarding years of my life. I know some of you see me and just hate that I’m growing 😀 Hey, you can’t stop what God has put His stamp on and for the Record I’m not an over-night success. So work Hard and focus on your life.
Some of you are losing things simply because of what is coming out of your mouth! The power of death and life lies in the tongue! You are standing in your own way because you cannot control your mouth. You have to humble yourself and allow the Lord to fight your battles! You may have missed opportunities, lost relationships, but it isn't too late. God can make all things new. Learn the lesson now so you don't have to retake the test later. I have come to realise that matters of the heart cannot be forced, no matter how much you want them, and it is only by the grace of God that I have been able to grown and learn from this, I am a much better man for it. 

He revealed he is nursing a political ambition. According to Ubi, his team is already 'reviewing the possibility'.

I really would love to Give politics a shot in 2019💪 My team and I are still reviewing that possibility, will Definitely Let you know if I decide on anything. 

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