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Lady rejects marriage proposal of man after he gave her his kidney, the man smiles and does this...

Awww this is some tale... A man who donated one of his kidneys to his friend when she lost hers got the biggest no from her when he proposed to her.

According to reports, 49-year-old Simon Louis, asked his girlfriend, Mary Emmanuelle's hand in marriage shortly after he donated a kidney to her, but Mary rejected him saying she didn't want to ruin their special friendship.

The couple met in the early 90s and stayed as friends even though they shared odd smooches and flirted once in a while. Louis had other relationships, but stayed in touch with Mary. He would always buy her roses and chocolate on Valentine's day.

One Saturday in September 2014, Mary collapsed at home and her skin turned yellow. Doctors confirmed she had brain haemorrhage and was in coma for a fortnight. Mary was eventually diagnosed with kidney disease.
The only hope she had, was to get a transplant but there was a little problem. Mary had a rare blood type B Negative, so finding a donor was a bit of a problem.

Louis would visit her and sometimes spend the night with her. So one day he decided to get tested and luckily, he was a match. They underwent surgery and both bounced back in no time. Louis then decided he wanted nothing else but to spend the rest of his life with Mary so he asked her.
Mary said no.

 I let him down gently by saying I’d have to think about it. I think I’d worry if we got married it would in some way damage our special friendship and also I don’t want to get wed until I’m fully better health-wise.”

 The pair however avowed to keep their friendship. Louis said:

 “I offered her my heart but I had to settle for giving her my kidney. Whatever happens, I’ll never regret giving her the gift of life.”

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