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Father shares shocking photo of his 9-month-old son smoking cigarette

 A dad has landed in trouble after he who took a picture of his baby boy with a cigarette in his mouth and posted to social media. The 36-year old man identified only as Muzammil was arrested and will be sent to jail if he is found guilty of encouraging his child to smoke.

According to Mirror.uk, Muzammil allegedly asked his 18-year-old wife to take a picture of their nine-month-old baby after putting a stick of cigarette in the boy's mouth.

Finding it funny, the Indonesian man then posted the shocking image on social media.

He has been arrested, but no action has been taken against the child's 18-year-old mother, named Ummu Salamah, in Bangkalan Regency, on the west of Indonesia's Madura Island.

Bangkalan Police spokesman Bidarudin said:

 "We have secured the father for putting the cigarette in the infant's mouth, even if the baby is his own child.
"The child had the lit cigarette in his mouth. The culprit sat the child up, and he also held the child up by the arms because he was worried that (the baby) would get burned by cigarette ash."
 Muzammil if found guilty could face at least 6 months in jail under the Child Protection Law.

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