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Dillish Matthews shows off 300 hundred roses her boyfriend Emmanuel Adebayor gifted her

Dillish Mathews is in a happy mood. The Big Brother Africa, The Chase winner is still celebrating valentine days after it ended.
She was on Twitter showing off the 300 red roses she got from her boo. The reality star who is rumoured to be dating Togolese striker, Emmanuel Adebayor after he accidentally revealed they were dating last year, took to the micro blogging site to show off her lovely gift.
Dillish tweeted alongside the photo:

300 red roses! The most I've ever received in my life!!!! Thank you honey ❤❤❤ kai I can't stop smiling 😄 #RealLifePrincess #JourneyOfAHumbleDreamer

Recall that last year, the lovers who kept their relationship low-key accidentally revealed they were an item after Adebayor posted a snap of his leg and that of a mystery woman. Dillish who was in Istanbul at the time also posted a photo of the same leg and voila, their secret was out in the open.

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