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Daddy Freeze takes a swipe at Vice President Osinbajo, for allowing his daughter marry a 'muslim'

Daddy Freeze seems to have an issue with Vice President Yemi Osinbajo's daughter's choice of husband.

Following Professor Osinbajo's announcement that his daughter Damilola will work down the aisle with Oluseun Bakare, Daddy Freeze took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the union.

He called out the pastor turned politician for allowing his daughter marry a 'muslim' while noting that other pastors would have said no if it were a "church rat" getting married.

According to Freeze, Pastors would have reminded their members of the bible portion that says, "don't be unequally yoked with unbelievers".
Freeze wrote:

I congratulate them and sincerely wish them well as they look really happy and in love!
His name seems Muslim… If it’s normal church rats that want to marry Muslims, they won’t agree o… The will go as far as saying “Allah is not God” and say “let’s not be unequally yoked”. But with the political pedigree involved here, I’m sure even the GO and his Mummy will attend.🙄Let me remind you of the high profile case of another Redeemed pastor’s daughter Charity, who wanted to marry a Muslim, the whole CAN stepped out to stop the wedding according to the story below.👇👇

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