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Couple live-stream themselves having sex in front of their 3-year-old daughter

A depraved couple have landed in trouble after they live streamed themselves having sex in front of their crying three-year-old daughter.

Yana Leonova, 23, and Nikolay Kostenevsky, 32, face losing custody of the toddler to the government.

Russian authorities are investigating the incident and the child have been temporarily removed from their custody and placed in a hospital where she is undergoing  urgent medical and psychological checks following her ordeal.

In the video, the parents began having sex in the kitchen, the door was wide open and the little girl appeared, she witnessed it from just a few feet away, watching everything. After they finished the sex act, the girl said:
"Tomorrow my granny Polina will be here. And I will tell her everything.”
Her father then blurted out 'I don’t give a f*ck, while her mum said: “He’s crazy, but I'm normal. I'm just having a rest.”
The child obviously distressed is heard sobbing. The nine-minute sex show led to a furious outcry on social media, sparking action from law enforcement officials.
The footage is being examined by the Investigative Committee - which handles serious crime in Russia, and the offenders will be made to face the law.

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