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Controversial Ghanaian counsellor Lutterodt says, he has insured his pen*s because it will die soon

This Ghanaian counsellor is such a character. He has briefly stepped away from criticising celebs, he is now courting public attention.
Counsellor Lutterodt revealed he has insured is penis. The controversial marriage counsellor, shockingly revealed that his penis is starting to 'die' hence his decision to insure it.

 Lutterodt said he went with his wife to an insurance company to get it done, because his penis is in its dying days. The counsellor who has publicly slammed actors and actresses for making 'poor choices' says, his penis will be gone in the next decade.
He however didn't mention the name of the insurance company but did reveal he paid 725 Ghana Cedis for it.

He made the disclosure on Yvonne Okoro's cooking show, Dinning With Yvonne which aired on GHone over the weekend. Recall that on the same show, Lutterodt was heard telling Yvonne Okoro to get married so a man can enjoy her 'nice body'.

Yvonne marry, marry, I say marry. Look at your nice body which is not being enjoyed by a man. Marry, don’t waste your time just marry because when you cross and get to MFS you will regret, you know MFS, he said.

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