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Bobrisky narrates how his bodyguard defended him when a man threatened to rape him

It is no longer news that Bobrisky thinks himself a woman. He now steps out fully dressed as a woman. The popular cross dresser was on Snapchat narrating how a drunk man threatened to rape him when he went shopping at a mall in Lagos.

According to Bobrisky, his only saving grace was his body guard who rushed to his rescue. He said. the 'drunk bastard' told him, 'you eh, if we catch you for corner we go fuck you till you give up'.

The man was beaten to stupor and even injured, according to the "soft-hearted" Bobrisky. He tried to intercede on the guys' behalf but his bodyguards would have non of it.
He ended his story with a plea to ladies to always have something to defend themselves with on them whenever they are going out.

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