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Blac Chyna's booty is starting to look like an eyesore

Blac Chyna and her booty yesterday caused quite a storm online.  The reality star had a photoshoot at a beach in Malibu on Tuesday and was spotted wearing one of the tiniest bikinis. She wore a blue thong which only managed to cover the inside of her butt.
We couldn't help but noticed how unnatural her booty now looks... in fact, it looks kinda disfigured.

The mother of two who loves to show off her cakes was caught on camera checking them out with a hand held mirror.

The former fiancee of Rob Kardashian looked like she had a ball inside butt. Recall that Rob Kardashian called her out during their fight in July last year. He said she had surgery to reduce her butt, but this butt still looks like she needs to put in more work.
The plastic surgeon needs to give her a refund or quickly put her back on the table.

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