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Blac Chyna was less than pleased with Kim Kardashian's gift and wanted to sue her

Blac Chyna is far from happy with her ex-fiance's sister, Kim Kardashian, after Kim sent her a 'taunting' Valentine gift.

The mother of two was one of the people Kim Kardashian gifted a 'hater' Kimoji Heart perfume shortly after she launched it.

According to The ShadeRoom, Chyna didn't see anything wrong with the gift which was delivered to her two days before Kim mentioned it on social media. Kim had taken to Instagram to reveal she was sending her Kimoji Heart perfume to her lovers and haters.

The former stripper who is suing Kim for her alleged involvement in the cancellation of her show Rob and Chyna  on E! immediately took offense, and according to  TSR, called her lawyer Lisa Bloom to see what could be done to make Kim pay for 'bullying' her.

Chyna was pissed when she got the package because it was just sitting outside her gated house with a blue sticky note attached to it with her name and address,” the source said. “Chyna thought it was weird that Kim was sending her a gift, seeing as though she’s suing her.”
Chyna did end up cracking the heart open, but unlike everyone else, she didn’t eat hers.
“One of her friends started eating a piece and then someone made a joke that it might be poison and they threw it out.”
Chyna really didn’t have an issue with the gift until Kim made her petty post on Instagram.
“Chyna called her lawyer, Lisa Bloom, after she saw the post and asked if she could do anything about it because she felt like Kim was taunting her. Chyna was told that there was nothing she could do and that pissed her off even more.”
“Chyna said because she’s Kim Kardashian she gets away with it but had it been me because I’m Blac Chyna they would’ve locked me up and said I’m threatening her.

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