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Bella Hadid cuddles her puppy in clothing store with nothing but a thong on

Bella Hadid took her puppy on a shopping spree and ended up using the poor little creature to cover her modesty.
The model stripped to her underwear at a clothing store while, her stylist snapped away. Her stylist, Mimi Cuttrell shared the almost nude photo to Instagram. She captioned the photos:
'Puppy's first day shopping.'
The Victoria's Secret model wore a nude colour thong, and posed in front of a mirror in the changing room. She used the pooch to cover her boobs but was kind enough to let her under boobs show for the viewing pleasure of her lovely supporters.

 Bella Hadid had earlier shared photos of the flurry puppy but didn't mention if it was newly bought or adopted.

Poor puppy, someone said it looks sad.

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