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Woman gives birth to beautiful baby girl after 7 years of trying, 3 failed IVF and blocked tubes

This story of a woman who gave birth after doctors said she had block tubes and could only take in through IVF is trending on Twitter.

According to Twtter user A_Omotoso, who shared the story, his sister had been married for 7 years without a child. Every attempt to get pregnant failed. Her doctors told her, her 'tubes were shut' so she could only conceive through IVF. She tried 3 IVFs, which ended in futility.

Then out of nowhere, she took in naturally and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (pictured above).

Another follower, touched by Omotoso's story decided to share his as well. He said, his sister tried unsuccessfully to conceive for 10 years. After all the 'medical jargons', she welcomed a baby few days ago.
Isn't that interesting?

 See his tweet below:

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