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University of Port Harcourt student slashes roommates face with razor because she was 'more beautiful'

A student of the University of Port Harcourt, UNIPORT, had a face slashed with razor blade by her roommate because she is "more beautiful".
According to the victim's sister Lilian Victor, who shared the story to Facebook, Nancy Ekeh, a 200 level student, studying Philosophy in UNIPORT, was cut in the face by her roommate, Oreva Okioja, for no tangible reason at all.

Here's what she shared on her page:

What will inform Miss Okoija Oreva, a 300 level student of the language department (English) in UNIVERSITY OF PORT HARCOURT to use a razor or whatever to cut so deep into my younger sister's face.
The story is that my sister NANCY paid a room together with this girl and they started having girls issues. NANCY was dropped off in school and met the door locked, called her friend but her phone was off. NANCY broke the door and put her things inside. Her friend, Oreva came back and was angry was NANCY should break the door. NANCY, called our Mum and she was advised to keep calm, not to make trouble,if possible sleep out. My younger sister came back this morning, only for this girl to do her this kind of a thing. My people, me no fit shout... Me no fit write well sef.... Me de for hospital.
Dem de sew the tin ooooooo

Nancy also took to the social networking site to share the story. She said Oreva cut her face because she was more beautiful.

Oreva Okioja

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