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Trouble in paradise? Mercy Johnson deletes every single photo of her husband from her Instagram page

Ok... we don't want to assume there is fire on the mountain, but we have an obligation to report this. Popular Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson, decided to do a major cleanup on her Instagram page today.

Sadly, the cleanup affected all her husband's photos. As we write this, the only photos left on the mother of three's IG page is that of herself and her kids. Her husband's have gone into extinction, except the one she hurriedly posted after people started asking questions.

This doesn't mean we are gossiping or spreading rumour... we are just saying that the actress who pours encomium on her husband every second on her page, seems to feel the need to suddenly yank him off.

Good thing is, her name is still Mercy Johnson Okojie. At least that hasn't changed. We will keep you posted.

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