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This story on humility will blow your mind!

Y'all need read this story about a woman who took an extraordinary step to get something she could never have gotten. The story was shared to Facebook by Sira Teeh Ngbor.

According to Sira, a top manager at a popular multinational developed the habit of assisting a shop owner clean her shop every morning before going to work. After cleaning for two months, she got an unusual gift. Read the story below:

I think regardless of who and what we are, we are defined by our culture, faith and believe.
A top manager in a popular multinational just shared an amazing story with me. She says there's a baby store situated on her way to work and while sitting at the owners side of her SUV, she admires wares displayed in front of the shop whilst in traffic.
This fateful day, she sees the owner of store struggling to set up the display table with a baby crying hysterically on her back and suddenly she did the unthinkable.
She asked the driver to pull over, came down and asked to help the woman sweep and arrange the wares. The store owner knows her as one big madam that moves with security and doesnt talk to anyone. After protesting initially, she stepped aside and kept looking at her as she moved around cleaning and setting up.
She says she just felt led to do it and she did so for close to 2 months until the store owner got a new sales person. She would leave home earlier, stop at the woman's gate, request for the key and get to setting up. Initially people would gather and look pointedly but after some days they tired out and just walked by.
After cleaning, she would straighten her suit and get on to work.
One evening, the store owner knocked on her gate and told her
'aunt I Don get girl o, no need to come tomorrow'
And gave her a huge bag of baby essentials and added 'God go give you wetin you dey find.
That was 3 weeks ago. As I type this, my boss is pregnant after 23 years of childlessness.
I can't stop screaming! !!!!

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