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Stephanie Otobo storm Aposte Sulieman's church, confesses she was paid to defame the preacher (video)

There's a video of Stephanie Otobo, confessing that she was paid to tarnish Apostle Suleman's image making the rounds on social media. In the video,  the Canada-based Nigerian singer took to the podium at Apostle Salesman's church, Omega Fire Ministries on Friday to make a confession.

She said in her desperation to succeed in her musical career, she met some some powerful politicians and pastors who paid her heavily to ruin the fiery preacher's image.

 I came to Nigeria with a strong passion for my career and fell into the wrong hands of some powerful politicians and some pastors who manipulated me in a very wrong way to fault the man of God.
“They made me tell lies against him, because of my desperation for my career and I succumbed to it.
“At the time I didn’t know what was going on. I just wanted to help myself. They paid me a lot of money.
“I want to apologise to the body of Christ; Apostle Suleman and his wife. I was used and paid against Apostle Suleman, she said.
The confession threw the church is disarray. After her confession, she knelt down and pleaded with Apostle Suleman's wife Lizzy Suleman to forgive her.
Lizzy forgave her instantly and said a prayer for her, then added God bless you.

Recall that in March 2016, Stephanie Otobo broke the internet after she confessed that she had sexual relations with Apostle Suleiman who at the time was a big critic of the government.
She said she got pregnant by the Apostle but he fed her a drink which aborted the pregnancy. The details were so messy. 
You'll want to watch this one yourself. Video is below:

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