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Someone has leaked another sex tape of Cardi B's fiancé Offset... people are saying it's a publicity stunt (18+)

Cardi B and her fiancé Offset seems to be off to a rocky start this year. Offset has another sex tape leaked. This time the rapper was seen having sex with an unknown woman. The tape which was reportedly filmed two weeks ago was leaked on Twitter two days ago. It is starting to look like they are releasing these tapes themselves.

Last year, Cardi B had taken to stage to threaten to dump Offset if he ever cheated on her again after a tape were he was in a hotel room with a naked woman leaked online. The video which was reportedly filmed in September 2017 was leaked online causing a series of backlash on the rapper. Click here if you missed it.

So far, Cardi B and Offset haven't said a word about the video.

Let's assume this isn't for publicity, why does he keep recording these videos?

Click here and here to watch.

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