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Robbers arrested after they go on shopping spree with ATM card they stole

There was serious drama at Car Wash area of Egbeda, Lagos State, yesterday as armed policemen and angry crowd chased a suspected thief through moving traffic, causing gridlock.

The fleeing suspect was said to be part of a six man robbery team who collected an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card from an 18-year-old boy at the Gowon Estate area of the metropolis, after he withdrew N10,000 from his elder brother’s account.

According to Daily Telegraph, the suspects allegedly used the ATM to shop at Domino. The fleeing suspect would have been lynched by the angry mob, but for the quick intervention of operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS). As the suspect was running for his life, he sighted the RRS men in their vehicle in traffic. He flung open their door and jumped in. This halted the action of the crowd and an armed policeman chasing him on a motorbike. After driving for a while, the RRS men stopped and handed him over to the policeman, who had continued to tail them.

The suspect was dragged to Domino Shopping Mall, where two of his members were held and beaten. According to report, the suspect and five of his gang members saw the teenage boy at the ATM gallery and talked him into releasing the N10,000 with him and his elder brother’s ATM card.

They allegedly forced him to tell them the ATM Personal Identification Number (PIN). Thereafter, they allegedly locked the boy in a yet-to-be-disclosed location and went on a shopping spree. After shopping at Iyano- Ipaja area, the six of them went to the Domino Shopping Mall, where each picked the largest sized basket. It was when they started paying for the goods that the owner of the ATM card started receiving a series debit alerts. The alert was coming from the popular Domino Shopping Mall. He chartered a motorbike and raced to the place. He raised the alarm.

The police at the scene were alerted and moved into the mall. The thieves, suspecting police were after them, scampered in different directions. One of them was chased through moving traffic before his eventual arrest. Witnesses said three were arrested, while three escaped. Passers-by and customers were said to have given the two suspects the beating of their lives before the arrival of the police with their fleeing colleague.
r received series of debit alerts and became alarmed. He raced to the shopping mall and approached the manager. The DPO was alerted. We thank God for the vision and strategy of our CP.”

Daily Telegraph

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