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Pastor's wife accidentally shares Nekkid video of herself doing worldly things to a WhatsApp group... Dayumm!

The wife of a Ghanaian preacher is currently embroiled in a nude video scandal, after she accidentally shared a naked video of herself dancing seductively and generally doing some inappropriate stuff to a WhatsApp group.

According to GhanaianCelebrities, who obtained the video, the pastor's wife who hasn't been named was seen playing with herself in her nudity, while her baby cried in the background. It is unclear who the video which somehow landed in the wrong hands was meant for, but reports say it could probably be her husband or boyfriend.

The wife of the pastor is said to be traumatised by the incident, as the video is said to be running fast through the streets of social media. She is also particularly worried that members of her church would have gotten hold of the video and seen their 'Mummy G.O' in her full glory.

See screenshot of below:

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