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Nigerian girl gets dragged on twitter for saying 'Nigerian American girls make better wives that Nigerian born girls'

So a Nigerian girl based in the US, decided to tweet about the difference between a Nigerian girl and a 'Nigerian American girl'. The thing is, Nigerians can drag you to the ends of the earth when they are triggered.
The tweet went viral and earned her quite a backlash not just from women but from men.

@Naijagawdezz had tweeted:

I think that Nigerian American girls make better wives than Nigerian born girls because we are more independent, we love to work for what we have, and we cause less drama. We don't expect our men to be millionaires right away , but we love to work side by side with HIM to build
After her tweet went viral, trolls stormed her page calling her a fat attention seeker. Others said she was desperate for a husband hence her tweet . Let's say it got so bad, she changed her handle from @naijagawdezz to @igosensation.

See some of the tweets below:

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