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My experience with Fulani Herdsmen - Man narrates shocking encounter with killer herdsmen

A Nigerian man who encountered the dreaded Fulani herdsmen years ago during the Christmas hols has shared his story and it is quite shocking.

Akin Ajayi took to Facebook to narrate how a Christmas fun trip with his friends to Osun State nearly cost them their lives, after they took a road abandoned by motorists for fear of the dreaded herdsmen who have continued to kill innocent people with impunity.

Here's what he wrote:

The four of us tag team decided to leave Lagos Christmas of 2015. We did a road tour through Ibadan on the 22nd and 23rd directionless. Just enjoying the sights.
We planned Ekiti but decided Ada Golf course in Ada, Osun State will be a good destination and so we headed to Oshogbo. Ate pounded yam in Oshogbo and lots of Orisirisi. Good food.
We arrived at Ada, 30 minutes drive away and settled down.
-24th, Golf all the way and lots of food and drink.
-25th, sightseeing around the neighboring villages. Quiet life. Peaceful people. The Ponles apparently chose a good location for the Golf course and international hotel.
-26th. Had a quick business talk with the Golf manager and we decided to head back to Lagos.
My tag team had me as the driver, my Arole as the co-pilot, My cousin and my best friend/in-house-counsel were at the back. He was on his iPad reviewing lots of pictures taken.
I decided to do cross-country. Knew all the roads around that Geographical area anyway. So, Instead of going through Oshogbo, Gbogan-Ikire- Ibadan, I opted to take Oshogbo-Iwo-Ibadan. Wanted my team to see some of the countryside.
We hit Iwo Road from Oshogbo. Did the first 20 kilometers without seeing a single car. My intuitive alarm was rising to 50%. I asked them if we should turn back. It’s not right not to see vehicles going and coming.
My team said we should proceed a bit more and see if the situation of things will improve. Another 5 kilometers and the road started narrowing.
I was thinking about the federal government and culture of maintenance cum abandonment.
Another 2 kilometers saw me entering ditch after ditch and large potholes. Suddenly, my brakes failed. I pumped and pumped again. No dice. I stepped on it to the floor board. It slowed down.
I saw a GTB signpost far away down the road. Oh!! Civilization at last. Trudged on. Maybe I’ll get a mechanic to fix the brakes. I was now dragging the V8 slowly.
Saw lots of cows ahead and slowed down altogether. Honked and the herdsman parted them to make way for me. I subconsciously looked back through the rear view mirror and saw him holding his phone to his ears, talking frantically. None of my business.
About a kilometer after there, the GTB signpost turned out to be an ordinary advert in the middle of nowhere. Dang!! Saw a guy ahead and pushed on. About a hundred meters to the guy, I saw a rifle by his side. I know a bit about rifles to know it was a Kalashnikov.
My internal alarm went haywire. My tag team noticed I was suddenly tensed up. I slowed down and was crawling towards the guy. Suddenly, he made a deft move and all my espionage and war films experience came tumbling back to me. Time to move.
Another Fulani guy emerged from the shrub. He had a shiny brand new rifle and they took position on both the sides of the road. I was about 50 meters to them at that point.
I slammed whatever was remaining of the brake. Did a 90 degree with reverse and another 180 degree right in the middle of the road to turn back. They were obviously shocked to see me made that deft move.
Told my co-pilot to observe them while I started zig zag maneuvers. Watched them through the rear view mirror too. They came together to the middle of the road and were now looking at us as we took off.
Obviously disappointed and couldn’t shoot. They faded out of our line of sight. Revved the engine to 140km before I realized I don’t have brakes, so I slowed down to 80km. I was now on edge and my team were shivering. A few minutes later. I suddenly saw a rag tag team of check pointers (regular policemen) with flak jackets and batons. Couldn’t risk stopping so I wound down and told them there are armed robbers on the road. They didn’t ask me for details. Turned away to the taxi man they were trying to extort.
I did a detour on the next available road and that led me to Ede and subsequently to Gbongan.
Stopped at Gbongan and asked lots of questions from the traders whilst buying stuffs. They said we should go and do thanksgiving. That the Fulani herdsmen rob and kill daily on that axis and policemen hardly go there.
They wondered how we strayed to that area. I decided to use the bad brakes all the way to Lagos since it’s a worn pad. Can’t afford to stay on the road late. I’ll replace the pads and even the disc.
We couldn’t talk for a while on the long ride back to Lagos. Did a lot of research thereafter and discovered it’s a menace all over the country.
My grouse now is, what is going on? I grew up knowing these guys with a stick, driving cows and we actually admire their dexterity at the unique way the cows listen to them.
Who armed them with Ak47’s. Are they taking over the country by subtle conquest.
My History class told me they used subtlety and subsequently deadly force to annex part of Yorubaland and other territories, installed Emirs and merged the conquered land space.
Is history repeating itself?

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