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Monkeys storm homes in Zimbabwe, wreak havoc then steal bread and eggs

A bizarre story flying around has it that some monkeys invaded homes in Darlington and Morningside area of Zimbabwe, causing major havoc in the city.

One of the victims of the cruel attack Christine Zenda said the monkeys move in groups and love to vandalise people's properties.

“These monkeys even have the guts to enter houses, vandalizing properties. They grab food items such as bread and fruits from houses, while, in some cases they invade gardens and orchards where they pluck vegetables and fruits.Bread and eggs are some of the food items that have been targeted in most households around these areas.
They also have a tendency of distracting motorists with their antics on the roads, which can lead to accidents, she said.
The monkeys which are usually more aggressive to women and children also storm farms, to destroy crops. Farmers in the area have lamented their inability to grow crops due to the quantum destruction caused by the monkeys.

Sadly, the government think the monkeys shouldn't be disturbed or harmed in any way.
Zimbabwe's Parks and Wildlife Authority in a statement signed by Tinashe Farawo urged residents to close their doors and windows, and ignore the urge to feed them. He asked residents to desist from harming the monkeys and urged them to learn to live with nature even if it was to their own detriment.

“It is unlawful and an offence for people to kill any wild animal, regardless of its conduct.
As such residents must always report the presence of nuisance animals to us or find a way of co-existing, but without compromising their safety, he said.
 Residents have now resorted to buying dogs to scare the monkeys away.

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