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Mom find messages from 10-year-daughter's classmate asking her to send him nude pictures

A mom, horrified to find out her 10-year-old was having sexualised conversations with her classmate  has shared her story.

The unnamed woman found out her daughter was sexting a boy via Instagram direct messages, after the girl confessed to her. The primary school student ran to her mom in tears after her 10-year-old classmate coerced her into sending him explicit images and asking her to be more sexual.

The mom said after the girl explained the situation to her, her phone rang, and on the end of the line was the boy.

She said: ‘He was calling her a ‘s**g’ and put the phone down, he didn’t realise it was me.’ Some of the stuff he was saying wasn’t anything you’d expect a 10-year-old to know. ‘I knew about him but thought it was general chit-chat. She would say he was her boyfriend and stuff like that but never thought it was anything. 
In the messages, the young boy sends an explicit image to the girl and goes on to ask her for one in return. The girl, whose phone was mainly to keep in contact with family and friends and play games, wrote back:
‘I can’t I’m in bed I show tomorrow.’ He replied: ‘No now otherwise I will dump you just turn your phone light on.’

The little girl then sent him the indecent photo. The girl’s mother said from the tone of the conversation, her daughter was scared and just wanted to please him.
It’s like she just wanted to please and not offend him or be nasty. She’s embarrassed and worried her friends might have found out.’
 Now the horrified mom, has been forced to sit down to a mature conversation with her girl. She said:
‘I understand they get sex education taught in schools but she only knows about the basics, nothing like this so we have had to have a sit down to explain things to her. 

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