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Miss Akwa Ibom Teen Abasiodiong Inyang, dethroned 3 months after she was crowned, for posting raunchy photos

Dunno if you guys have seen or heard about the young queen dethroned in Akwa Ibom State. According to reports,  Abasiodiong Eyo Inyang has been dethroned as Miss Akwa Ibom Teen 2017 queen and her crown handed over to the first runner up Meggy Linus, after she released raunchy birthday photos.

The pageant organisers released a statement saying Inyang was dethroned for having low moral standards, days after her semi-nude photos hit the net.

In the photos which have since gone viral, the 20-year-old shamed queen was seen in a denim jacket with the buttons undone, puffing off cigarette smoke from her nose and mouth. She was braless, leaving her boobs hanging out for all to see.

Now, there's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing to take these pictures before or after your reign. But as a queen, there's a lot you are not allowed to do. The least thing as swearing or being vulgar shouldn't be done by a queen let alone taking raunchy photos.

So we are just wondering, did she have a chaperone, or did they just hand her a crown without teaching her the rudiments of her new office?

Either way, this is so embarrassing. Hope she takes a learning.

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