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Man who sees his period every month says he's being forced into a box

A 24-year-old man has revealed he sees his period. Cass Clemmer, a gender fluid, revealed he got his first period at the age of 15. We are not sure where he bleeds from or if he has a male or female reproductive organ.

He spoke to People about having to deal with his ordeal. He said when it first started, he felt like he had lost his freedom. Here's what he said:

“I remember, very vividly, the internal chaos that plagued my body the minute I saw those brown stains on my underwear. There was a very clear switch in my brain that told me this was the moment I had to start thinking about makeup, boobs, and boys. My 15-year-old mind was riddled with the stereotypes around femininity, but I had grown up knowing that periods were so tied to ‘becoming a woman’ that I almost would wish and pray to God that I would never get my first period, just so that I could continue just being me instead of feeling forced into a box I didn’t feel comfortable in.”

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