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Kim Kardashian claps back at Daily Mail after they referred to her mom, Kris Jenner as chubby

Kim Kardashian and her family detest the word chubby and will not let anyone disrespect them, by calling them fat.

The reality star took to Twitter to call out popular news website Daily Mail, after they referred to her mom Kris Jenner as "chubby-faced" in an article.

The mother of two who hardly clap back at trolls decided to question Daily Mail's choice of words for her mom.

Daily Mail had written, "Chubby-faced 22-year-old Kris Jenner in never before seen shots", as headline for a post. The wife of Kanye West obviously offended by the headline responded with: "Chubby really? That's the headline? How about beautiful, youthful, stunning?!?! she tweeted.

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