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Judge issues bench warrant for Tyga after he refuses to pay woman who got injured at his concert years ago

Kylie Jenner's ex-boyfriend Tyga is being sued for $236, 000. The rapper who is in the habit of refusing to pay money he owes, was sued by a fan who attended his concert a while ago.

The fan, Shyanne Riekena sustained serious head injury when a light stand crashed on her at the concert which held at Grand Rapids, Michigan 6 years ago. The issue was taken to court and Tyga's company was ordered to pay Shyanne $236k which he refused.

A judge has now issued a bench warrant for the father of one, after he failed to show up to a court hearing, according to TMZ.

Riekena told TMZ after she won the case.

“I know that Tyga has a lot going on right now with other people but my situation happened five years ago so on the list of priority wise I should be taken care of.“This was a big incident, it caused a lot of chaos in my life and it’s been five years, so he needs to take this serious (sic).”

One year after, Tyga is still not ready to pay. He might get arrested any moment from now.

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