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Here's why Cardi B won't be dumping Offset in spite of his different sex tapes with other women

Looks like Cardi B is standing by man despite all the cheating rumours.
The rapper's fiancé, Offset, have had a tumultuous time with hackers, who have been churning out one sex tape after another of the rapper with different women.
Cardi B who was on stage the other day saying she'll leave him if he cheats on her again has made a u-turn.
If you were one of those who thought the Bodak Yellow rapper will turn her back on her trophy fiancé then you thought it wrong.

She addressed the issue in a message to a fan who asked how she feels about the situation. Cardi B said she is going nowhere and her reason for staying is because 'all men cheat'!

Interesting isn't it? See below:

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