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God won't answer your prayers if you have s*x between 12am - 3am - Pastor tells congregant

You people know there's a lot going on in the world at the moment right? Some preachers are busy saying stuff they have no business saying at all. Worthy of mention is a Ghanaian preacher whom we hear told his congregant that people who have sex between 12am to 3am won't get answers to their prayers. Ye... you read that right.
Reasons being that from 12 to 3am, God sends His angels to earth with results of petitions made during the day and since angels are not allowed to behold naked people, when the angel arrives and meet people having sex he simply leaves with their blessings.

So people, if you have pending requests that you are yet to get answers to, do well to check your sexual habit. You may just be making love within 12am to 3am when the angel bearing your gifts descends.

Now I know why I'm yet to get answers to some prayers. OMG!

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