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Gabriel Union writes about sex in new book... and wait, this will change how you see her! Lol

Gabriel Union loves sex and amazingly, this is the other side of her we didn't  know. The Being Mary Jane star recently released a memoir and dayummm... she let it all out.

The 45-year-old who is married to NBA player Dwayne Wade released a sort of advice book titled We're Going To Need More Wine in October 2017.

In the book, Union talked about sneaking boys into her grandma's house alongside her cousin. She also shared tidbits of her love life, from old boyfriends, to meeting and marrying her husband, Dwayne Wade. She talked about her fertility struggles, ageism, racism and the importance of women owing their sexuality.
In one of the chapters of the controversial book titled Sex Miseducation, Union advised women to to have as many partners as possible. She said:

Look you can't take your pussy with you, "I said use it, enjoy it, fu*k fuck fuck until you run out of dicks. 


See excerpts from the book below:

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