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Father brutalise little daughter because she wouldn't let him rape her

A woman has shared a disturbing story about a father who tried to rape with his little daughter. According to Elsie Halima, the incestuous man, John Okeregu allegedly tried to rape his little daughter and when she refused, he brutalised her so badly, leaving bruises all over her little body.
The incident occurred in Okpe Iksoko in Isoko north LGA of Delta State.

Photos posted of the girl who looks to be not more than 10-years-old, show bruises on her entire body. Elsie said the King of the community HRM Feli Agbabe Ekop aided the man and refused to call him to order.
Little girl from Okpe Isoko in Isoko north LGA Delta state, maltreated by her father, John Okeregu, who allegedly attempted to rape her.She currently with a good Samaritan, the king of the community has refused to step in. Please share until it reaches the authorities, she wrote.

After Elsie's SOS on social media, concerned Nigerians reached out to the girl and hours later,  she (Elsie) returned to say the girl had been rescued but the father is in hiding.

Thanks to all who added their voices to help this child.
Many people showed up at the good Samaritan's house.
LGA Chairman also send the counselor representing the ward to meet her.
But the king is trying to fight the good Samaritan
He is angry that she expose it to the whole world.

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