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Did Lady Gaga copy Caroline Danjuma's Stalker premier dress style?

In 2016, Nollywood actress and filmmaker Caroline Danjuma stepped out to the premier of her movie Stalker in a beautiful blue jumpsuit with a short tail. She was styled by popular celeb stylist Swanky Jerry. The dress at the time made headlines in Nigeria, we all loved it.

Yesterday Lady Gaga stepped out for the Grammys wearing something similar, only that hers was long-sleeve, had a longer tail and was black . Caroline took to Instagram to compare the two dresses. She lauded herself and her team for creating something worth copying. She wrote:

Doesn’t she look great 💋💋😍...We need to always appreciate our own ... I remember when @tojufoyeh and @swankyjerry came up with my own design .. we have amazing creative minds in Nigeria.. still love the design .. 2 yrs later the design is still turning heads 😍..

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