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Dana Air plane hits fence at Abuja Airport but no one harmed

A Dana aircraft reportedly hit the fence at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, with its left wing on Friday. According to Punch, the plane with registration number 5N-DEV, traveling to Abuja from Port Harcourt brushed the fence while trying to park, after it landed. A source told the publication that the pilot was to blame for the accident. Although no life was lost, the aircraft was slightly damaged.
Narrating what happened, the source said:

“The Dana plane hit its wing on a fence while trying to park after it landed at the airport. This happened around 4.30pm and the number of the aircraft is 5N-DEV. The plane came into Abuja from Port Harcourt. The plane has not been towed up till this moment (5.33pm)
“From what we see on the ground, it’s like the pilot is the one at fault because he has refused to disembark from the plane. All the passengers have disembarked without any injury, but the pilot is still on the plane right now as I speak with you. After he landed the plane, he moved the aircraft to where it should be parked but struck an iron fence in the process.
Officials of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria are on the ground to either tow the aircraft or work on it, depending on the extent of the damage and they want to use a NAHCO tow van. The part that brushed and entered the fence was the left wing of the aircraft.
“The pilot should be blamed because from every indication he did not listen or follow instructions by the aircraft marshaller. The marshaller was directing the Air Peace aircraft in front of the Dana plane, but the pilot refused to wait for the Air Peace plane and went ahead to park on his own. This resulted in the incident because if he had waited, this wouldn’t have happened.”

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