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Daily affirmation 25th January

I affirm that my future is secure in Christ, and I am propelled each day in the direction of God’s perfect will and destiny for me! I have the tongue of the wise and learned; I am cultured to speak faith-filled words that transform my life from glory to glory and change circumstances. All things work together for my good. I am never confused nor dismayed, I am never in a situation where I don't know exactly what to do, because the greater One lives in me and He gives me directions. I forever function from a place of absolute advantage. I do not lack anything, I am a supplier, therefore those around me, do not lack as well.
I speak God's word boldly anytime and anywhere, I chart the course of my life with God's word and my words always come to pass, in the Name of Jesus.

Good morning,  God Bless you big

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