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Couple who got married three weeks ago, involved in auto crash... husband dies on the spot (photos)

A newly wedded couple have been involved in a road accident three weeks after their lavish wedding.

Peter Malenga and Nyenyezi Kambuwa from Malawi, were involved in a fatal auto crash on Saturday, January 27 after getting married on January 6, 2018. The husband died on the spot while his wife survived and is receiving treatment at Luke Daeyang hospital.

The accident occurred along M1 Road close to Central Poultry Limited, Lumbadzi Lilongwe.

According to an eyewitness, Peter broke his leg, suffered head injuries and bled out while his wife sustained injuries on her hips during a trip from Kamuzu International Airport. The couple unaware that a part of the road they were traveling on was blocked for maintenance, decided to overtake stationary vehicles, so they ran into an oncoming truck.

Vehicles coming from the direction of Lumbadzi had been stopped to pave way for vehicles coming from Kanengo side, as only one lane was available due to the Maintenance. They resorted to overtake the stationary vehicles and unfortunately rammed into a truck head on.

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