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Cheating husband found stuck inside his girlfriend during sex... They say his wife placed a curse on him

A married man and his lover were found stuck together during sex. According to Ugandan Blizz, the unnamed man and his partner were having sex at Tipple Zero Guest House in Namatala, Mable district, Uganda when he got stuck inside her.
Story is, his wife placed a curse on him to serve as a lesson to men who cheat on their wives.

The cheating lovers were taken to a traditional healer who managed to separate them. An eyewitness Gosher Mbale said:

They have been finally separated by a traditional healer. The man's wife was brought around to make the separation Mukolo so effective. The man has vowed to chase away his wife after this painful experience. The man(Sulah) was cheating on his wife with a lady from Soroti 'mbu' but he has a home at Doko Nsambya. Near BCU factory. 

These things are quite common in Uganda, but it is usually the other way round. Insecure husbands place a curse on their wives. This is a first.

See more photos below:

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