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"Change or the wind of change will blow you away shamefully" - Rev Father Mbaka comes for Buhari in his New Year Eve message

Oops' there's trouble in Rev Father Mbaka and President Buhari's paradise. The controversial Catholic Priest who was once President Buhari's most vocal supporters has joined to 'wailing wailers'.  He is now wailing even more than Femi Fani Kayode and Governor Fayose.

Mbaka on Sunday Night decided to dabble into politics in his usual manner. He called out President Buhari for the 'man made suffering' Nigerians are going through. He said Buhari either changes or he will be changed. (Oops is that a threat?)

 Heres' what he said:

Listen to me – 2017 became one of the most horrible years in this country.
“The Lord says captive Nigerians, you will be speedily rescued. Things are very very difficult, hard and tough nowadays. The hardship is not from God, they are man-made.
“The wicked cabal and satanic agents in this country have wickedly kidnapped the goodwill and good intentions of Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari. His good intentions have been kidnapped.
“President Buhari must wake up and sit up immediately. Heaven demands Buhari, our President, to change all those who are holding and caging him in captivity. If he will not change them, he will be changed.
“Mr. President, wake up, sit up. God said you are toying with the privilege given to you. There is no time. Nigerians are dying in your hands. People are not happy with your system.
“Change or you will be changed – God said that Buhari is in trouble. Buhari is hypnotised. Buhari is in a horrible bondage. Buhari’s mantra has been cannibalised.
“Unless President Buhari quickly and strategically positions the right people and changes the former ones inaugurated by him, the wind of change, that he himself inaugurated, will blow him away shamefully.
“The wind will be too strong that Mr. President and the cabal will be blown out of office shamefully.
“The wind will be irresistible for it will come like a hurricane. Buhari can handle this problem but his office, if he is not careful, another will take.
“Change or you will be changed; after all, you are the one who introduced change as your mantra.”
The priest insisted that rather than the said cabal, Buhari should be blamed for the problems in the country.
“Mr. President, you are to be blamed, not your cabal. You have your brooms, but the cabals have their bags; either you sweep them away or they throw you into the bag.
“Heaven cried that your methodology is not just archaic but too sluggish, very slow.
“The situation in Nigeria needs speed but you are too dull,” he said.
Mbaka also faulted Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign.
He said, “His (Buhari’s) pattern of battling corruption is not just archaic and barbaric; it is a witch-hunt, terribly selective.
“Mr. Buhari, as the President, why should you be picking and choosing those that you and your so-called EFCC man would want to arrest, so that your party becomes a hideout for criminals, so that any person who does not want to be arrested will become an APC person? Is that not corruption in itself?
“It is the same people that go to the APC, they drop their umbrella and pick the broom, but instead of using the broom to sweep away corruption, they are using it to sweep money into their pockets.
“Your change mantra is questionable. You are to change your change or you will be disgraced out of office.”
 Mbaka noted that Buhari’s failure to check the excesses of the Fulani herdsmen had cast doubts over his agricultural development plan. He said:
“Why should you be talking about agriculture and you leave the Fulani herdsmen? Farmers don’t have hope; don’t you hear what is happening in the country? Can’t you use your presidential mandate and help the less privileged?”
 The priest declared that Buhari was not a President in the real sense of the word.
“The spirit of God says that Mr. President is just President in the mouth – he is not the real President per say. He is a pseudo-President, people are running the government the way they like and giving him articles to sign.
“Mr. President doesn’t know what is happening in his government, what a pity,” Mbaka said.
 The priest urged Buhari to ditch plans for a second term in office. He said:

“Mr. President, as I was waiting on the Lord, I am asked to advise you, don’t come out for second tenure, after this, retire peacefully.
“Mr. President, you are the cause of your own problem. God gave you an adviser, a wonderful mentor, a visionist, a matriarch, in the person of your wife, Aisha, but you don’t want to listen to her; that woman is heartbroken, because she understood that you are not yourself.
“Come back to yourself or you will cry by the time you will be sent out of office. Those who are encouraging you to come out and run again, they want to disgrace you shamefully and publicly, he said.

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