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Beyonce invites people to dinner then ignores them all

So they are saying that Beyonce invited people to dinner but refused to show up. According to Star Magazine, Beyonce had about 30 VIP guests over to dinner at her Bel Air mansion and instead of showing up, the singer went into one of the rooms to have a foot massage.
After an hour of no-show, her husband, Jay Z decided to start serving the guests.

Here's how they reported it:

Beyonce was the hostess with the mostess as she annoyed guests during a recent dinner at her palatial Bel Air pad. Sources say that she kept 30 VIP guests – and her hangry hubby, Jay-Z – waiting for over an hour as she got a foot massage.
 Instead of greeting her friends Beyonce relaxed in nearby room as two women rubbed and scrubbed her tootsies,” tattles a tipster.
Jay looked like steam was going to start coming out of his ears. Finally he ordered the staff to start serving his starving guests...Turns out the rapper was wise to get the party started – Queen Bey never did make it out of her high-maintence hive and was a no-show for her own party!

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