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Apostle Suleman reacts to claims that he paid Stephanie Otobo to confess

So, after Stephanie Otobo's viral confession, that she was paid to tarnish Apostle Suleman's image, Nigerians took to social media to slam the former sex worker and Apostle Suleman. They accused the preacher of bribing Stephanie to confess, while some were of the opinion that he jazzed her.

The fiery preacher took to Twitter to deny claims he paid Stephanie to confess.
Only a fool will pay a blackmailer to com out nd say the truth... it's risky to do that cos she will use it again u 2moro..dis is God at work, he wrote.
 In a separate tweet, he said Stephanie confessed like a witch.
The enemies of the church are confessing like witches..all happening same time...Lies have a lifespan,only truth is ageless....Fear God..

Recall that Stephanie Otobo had in 2017, accused the founder of Omega Fire Ministries of dumping her, after impregnating and feeding her a toxic drink to abort her baby. The scandal blew up really bad with each team suing the other. Stephanie at the time, had receipts and physical evidence from their time together.

Our take? Whoever put this sham together thinks very highly of himself. 

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