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Woman makes sperm-themed cake to celebrate husband's vasectomy

A woman, Kimberly Hemperly is trending after she shared hilarious photos from an usual surprise party she held for her husband.

Kimberly whose husband Jason recently had a vasectomy wanted to do something special for him so she decided to celebrate it with a surprise party.  She made a penis and testicles themed party and got her friend to make a sperm cake. The party had only four people in attendance, Kimberly, Jason and their two children.

The 35-year-old and her husband decided against having anymore children after successfully giving birth to a 4 year-old girl and a 5-month-old son.
She told Metro.Uk that her husband underwent the permanent procedure so, she wouldn't have to go under the knife after birthing their two children through cesarean sections, so to express her gratitude, she decided to throw him a 'Balls Voyage'.

 ‘I had two C-sections (most recent July) and the risks can be much higher if I were to go in for another surgery. Vasectomies are pretty non-invasive. So the decision was pretty easy for us.’ ‘This wasn’t a decision that was forced on him,’ she continued. ‘He’s very compassionate in the sense that he understands what I went through with the birth of our children and saw how rough the recovery was. So for him to offer to go in and have this done was pretty amazing to me.’ To express her gratitude, Kimberly decided to hold a surprise ‘Balls Voyage’ party for Jason. 

Kimberly after sharing the hilarious photos to social media received a mixed reaction. While saw the humour in the post, others slammed her for "forcing her husband to give up his manhood."

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