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Woman exposes baby daddy who contacted HIV after sleeping with a transgender then callously infected her

Oh wow... this very disheartening video of a woman infected with HIV by her baby daddy has been making the rounds on social media. The woman named Winono "NuNu" Thomas took to Facebook Livestream to expose the father of her kids after she found out he infected her with the incurable virus.
I've been in a committed relationship with my child's father and he has infected me with HIV as of last year. So yes, I am HIV positive, NuNu started.

She said she found out about a year ago and after she did, she still stayed with him because she really loved him. Things came to a head after she recently walked into their bathroom to find a used condom with semen in it. She decided to drop the bombshell on social media. She revealed he was infected by a transgender.

...And I'll be honest with y'all, a tranny is involved. The tranny says that he gave it to him. I believe the tranny gave it to my baby daddy. There are still trannys in his inbox, and another woman he gave it to, she said. 
Watch the video below:

Shortly after NuNu outed her baby daddy, he recorded a video admitting he is positive but denied infecting her. He said:

Honestly I have, I can't say I gave it to her, she can't say she gave it to me. Honestly, neither one of us know. 

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