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Woman disgraced and forced to bath outside after she was allegedly caught trying to kill her ex-lover's children

A scorned woman was caught attempting to use diabolical means to kill her ex- lovers children. The incident happened at Cyril Emordi street, Iba, Lagos State.

According to several reports, the woman dressed in white, sneaked into the home of her married ex-lover in the wee hours of the morning armed with 3 notes of N1000. She took away two left legs of his children's shoes, and started chanting incantations.

Luck however ran out on her, when a woman who was going to the market early that morning walked in on her, just as she was about to throw the shoes back into the man's house.
She raised alarm and the woman was caught immediately.

She allegedly confessed, then said that the man promised to marry her about nine years ago, but dumped her for someone else. She was stripped naked and asked to bath outside.

See photos below.

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