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Thief reports himself to police after he accidentally shot his partner dead in Bayelsa

It is not all the time you find a thief with a conscience so this story stunned a lot of people including me.

A thief in Bayelsa reported himself to police officers at Azikoro Police Station after he accidentally shot his partner dead during an operation.

According to reports, two robbers Peter Napoleon and Thankgod Smith operating at Azikoro Village in Yenego, Bayelsa State a had gone to rob a man named Francis Chibueze at Bakery Road.

Chibueze managed to escape after Peter Napoleon accidentally shot his partner dead, during the attack.
Chibueze who escaped alerted the police and they moved to the area in search of the criminal.  
Napoleon saddened by the accidental killing of his ally, went to Azikoro police station to report himself.

Police PRO Asinim Butswat confirmed the story. He said investigations are ongoing and the suspect will be charged later.


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