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Reno Omokri slammed for saying "only a fool marries a woman who shaves and redraws her eyebrows"

So former Presidential spokesperson Reno Omokri has been trending after one of his "Reno's nuggets" went viral. Reno had taken to social media to rant about women who shave their eyebrows only to redraw a new one. He tweeted:

Only a fool marries a woman who shaves off her eyebrows and draws it back by herself. If she feels she can do a better job than God who designed her eyebrows, she certainly will not submit herself to her husband #RenosNuggets 

Several people called him out but one follower who wasn't having it, dug up a photo of Reno and his wife. In the photo, Reno's wife had shaved her brows then redrew it.

It is starting to look like Reno just likes to be in the news, so he says and writes just about anything.

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